Ensuring WAMU’s Future in Our Community

McCain McMurray

McCain McMurray is including WAMU in his will to help power its fine work into the future.

McCain McMurray, an architect and artist, discovered NPR’s All Things Considered when working at a firm in his native North Carolina. He heard Susan Stamberg and Bob Edwards and was hooked. After a move to Washington, he discovered WAMU while working in his third-floor studio apartment. It was then that he discovered Diane Rehm, and, again, he was hooked.

As a boy, McCain was fascinated by “putting things together” and creating spaces, such as tree houses in the woods near his home. So, it was no surprise that he chose architecture as a profession. It was a surprise when he moved into painting; inspired by the sculpture of an artist, Anne Truitt, he was “blown away” by her clean-lined vertical forms and wanted to express space and shape, himself, with paint. Since then, McCain has shown his work in many venues around the region, such as The Torpedo Factory, The Capital Hill Art League, Touchstone Gallery and others.

Now, while painting in his light-filled garage studio, McCain listens to WAMU throughout the day. He enjoys the varied programming, and he especially enjoys the local voices of WAMU. He says that those voices, such as those of Diane Rehm and Kojo Nnamdi, are relatable, and that listeners bond with them and feel as though they know the hosts. He also enjoys the local news, information and stories that foster knowledge and help build community in our region.

WAMU is such an integral part of McCain’s daily life, and he feels such a personal connection with it that he made the decision to include the station in his will. Rather than give to many organizations, he chose to support three organizations, including WAMU, that are not “big budget” but that do a lot with what they have and are committed to doing fine work.

In the case of WAMU, he is reminded of its fine work as he listens every day. He is so appreciative of the station and enjoys knowing that his future gift will help power WAMU’s ability to continue that work for our community long into the future.

Like McCain, you can support the programming that inspires you by including a gift in your estate plan. Contact Eliza Saunders at 202-885-8904 or esaunders@wamu.org to explore your giving options.