The Legacy of a Dedicated Listener

Melissa Ennis

Melissa Ennis

It is no surprise that Melissa Ennis is an enthusiastic listener and supporter of WAMU. Accustomed to a “very lively soundscape” growing up as the oldest of seven children, Melissa welcomes the dynamic sound of WAMU as the backdrop of her days. She appreciates the broad range of programming she hears, as her Air Force family lived in different communities and were exposed to many points of view. She’s also a professional writer for the Food and Drug Administration and a self-described “word person,” so she particularly enjoys the verbal dexterity of the hosts and guests she hears throughout the day.

Through the years—and especially during the coronavirus pandemic—WAMU’s schedule has given a structure to her days and weeks: if Kojo is on air, it’s time for lunch; Hot Jazz means relaxing on a Saturday night; Gunsmoke means Sunday evenings and planning for the week ahead.

When it came to the time in her life to consider estate planning, she happened to hear about legacy giving on air and knew that she wanted to support WAMU in this way. Melissa had already provided for her extended family in her will, so she decided to name WAMU as a beneficiary of her retirement plan. By so doing, she will be supporting the station, which has been an important part of her daily life for years, and also making a tax-smart decision as it relates to her estate plan.

Melissa finds great personal satisfaction in knowing her future gift will make a difference at WAMU. “Giving in this way makes you feel more attached to the station and part of something you really care about,” she says. “It’s so nice to be a part of this community that is far and wide.”